Le Bois des Loups

Art direction, branding.

SOFTWARE: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign.


In the wood for love.

Le Bois des Loups, literally ‘Wolves Wood’, was founded in 2012 by Gabriel and Gael, two versatile wood enthusiasts commited to environmentally responsible and sustainable craft. They build, restore, maintain, imagine, create, sketch, make 3D modeling. Basically, they make your dreams come true (at least as long as wood is involved).



Reasonably crazy.

Create an identity that conveys finesse and solidity at the same time. Something that would be inspiring and down to earth.


Humbly bold.

A simple illustrative style with a semi-abstract line work sitting on a solid grid. The typography shows precision and boldness, while the layouts in general appear rigorous with a funky editorial touch.

Some early sketches


Art direction: Guillaume Azadian
Design: Guillaume Azadian

More selected projects:

Art direction, interactive design, motion design, UX, UI.

Art direction, digital identity, branding, motion design, UX, UI.

Art direction, digital identity, motion design, UX, UI.

Art direction, UX strategy, app design, webdesign, branding, motion design, UX, UI.

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