HPJ Agency

Art direction, digital identity, branding, motion design, UX, UI.

SOFTWARE: Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, After Effects, Axure.


Young, ambitious, and beautiful.

The agency has been operating in Northern America and France since 2008 and specializes in digital products. Besides delivering beautiful and solid websites to their clients, the team has been developing and regularly updating an email marketing software as well as a web app that answers the needs of Canadian associations.


Let it shine.

Create a strong identity that conveys versatility and reliability. The website showcases several crucial elements/products: HPJ CC (an Email Marketing System), MEMBOGO (a web app for Canadian associations), the NEWS/BLOG section, and of course the PORTFOLIO section. The idea here was to go for a sharp and adaptable global branding that lets the content shine, naturally.



1 — The News/Blog section.

Our solution could be sumed up like this: an eye-catching list, a content layout allowing the most pleasant reading experience, and an intuitive navigation no matter the device.



2 — Other products.

HPJ CC (an EMS developped by the agency) and Membogo (a web-app for Canadian associations) have their own branding. They fit in with the sober and elegant global branding perfectly.


3 — The simpler the better.

One client, one color. That gives us a bright portfolio that showcases our work and conform with the client's identity. And of course, all that is Behance-ready.



Creative direction: Jean-François Dommerc
Art direction: Guillaume Azadian
Design: Guillaume Azadian
Development: Dimitri Kurc, Michèle Delisle
Copy: Jean-François Dommerc

More selected projects:

Art direction, interactive design, motion design, UX, UI.

Art direction, digital identity, motion design, UX, UI.

Art direction, UX strategy, app design, webdesign, branding, motion design, UX, UI.

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